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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome to Delish Bakery!

Pronunciation: \di-ˈlish
Meaning: Delicious
Addictive, Tasty, Flavorsome, Heavenly, Luscious, Mouthwatering, Savory, Scrumptious, Out of this world, Rich, Tempting, Yummy...
Our stuff is all that,and much more.Try it and trust me, you will get addicted.
We make all sorts of Baked goods: From Creamy Cheesecakes to Moist Cakes, and Chewy Cookies.
All our stuff is homemade  fresh from the finest ingredients!
Wether you need it for a wedding, party, friends gathering, or just craving it with coffee,we will cater your every need!
Just check out our menu and if you are craving something you don't see here,please tell us,we'd LOVE to try to make it for you!!

flavor                                 large                      Med.                          Small                           Mini
~~~~~                               ~~~~~                   ~~~~~                      ~~~~~~                      ~~~~~
-Delish Special                  130 SR.                 75 SR.                        12/130 SR.                  24/100 SR.
-Truffle w/raspberry        
-perlain Pecan
-Apple Crumble
you can also order the sampler plate with 24 assorted mini cheesecakes for 100 SR.
All our cakes are baked fresh and double layered,with frosting or ganash on top.They come in 8 in. size which is big enough for around 10 people. We can make any size by request. cupcakes both big and mini are available upon request.
Flavor                                                                                                               Price
~~~~~~                                                                                                            ~~~~~
-Red Velvet Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting                                        70 SR.
-Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting                                                 70 SR.
-Count Chocolat (Dense chocolate cake with coconut pecan                 140 SR.
filling and chocolate ganash on top) 
-Date Me Cake                                                                                                 70 SR.
-Pitsachio Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting                                            100 SR.
-Perio Torte: a flakey crust stuffed with creamy cheese filling then topped with sliced pears and almonds and a cinnamony mixture. comes in three sizes.
Large:80 SR.                                           Small:4/80SR.                                               Mini:12/100SR.
-Build Me UP Icecream: Three layers of the creamiest home made icecream with oreo cookies to seperate them.crunchy caramel,yummy chocolate, and devine mocha.comes in two sizes.
Large: 150 SR.                                       Med.: 100 SR.
-Heavenly Dessert:Layer after layer ofCreamy Pudding and crunchy biscuit topped with chcolate and a raspberry. DEVINE!!comes in two flavors: Butterscotch and Cheesecake.
Large:100SR.                                 Med.:10/100SR.                                      Mini:15/150SR.
-Teramisu. with or without raspberries.
Large:100SR.                                 Med.:10/100SR.                                      Mini:15/150SR.
-Big Nutter: our version of the pecan Pie.
Big nutter:140 SR.                                    Little Nutters:30/90 SR.
Cookies and Small Bites:
All Cookies are fresh made,moist, and bite size.They can be made larger upon request.minimum 30 peices
Flavor                                                                             Price
~~~~~~                                                                          ~~~~~
-Cookachinos:mocha flavored choclate-                 30/60SR.
chip cookies
-Chocolate Chip Cookies                                           30/60 SR.
-Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies                           30/90 SR.
-Double Chocolate Chip Cookies                             30/90 SR.
-White Chocolate Chip Chocolate                           30/90 SR.
-Little Clouds: soft chewy clouds of coconut.       30/45 SR.
Our best seller. little balls of cake dipped in creamy chocolate. Perfect for Wedding, hospital receptions,baby showers or just something to have with coffee.
Can be done any color you want.Comes in TEN diffrent flavors:
-Red Velvet Covered with White Chocolate and drizzled with Pink Chocolate.
-Pistachio Cake Covered with White Chocolate and drizzled with Green Chocolate.
-Carrot Cake Covered with White Chocolate and drizzled with Orange Chocolate.
-Teramisu Cake Covered with White Chocolate and drizzled with Dark Chocolate.
-Dates Cake Covered with Milk Chocolate and drizzled with Dark Chocolate.
-Strawberry Cheesecake Covered with Milk Chocolate and drizzled with Pink and White Chocolate.
-Peanut Butter Cake Covered with Milk Chocolate and Topped with Crushed Peanuts.
-Count Chocolat Cake Covered with Dark Chocolate and topped with Coconut Flakes.
-Nutella Cake Covered with Dark Chocolate and Drizzled with White Chcolate.
-Halawa Tahini Cake Covered with Dark Chocolate and Drizzled with Beige Chcolate.

minimum order 30 pcs/90 SR.
You can order a sampler plate.
Large: 80/240 SR.                                          Small: 40/120 SR.

Please Don't hesitate to call us for any inquiries!!


Delish Special Cheesecake Large size

Truffle Cheesecake w/ Raspberry Gaze Small Size.

A View of the mini cheesecake sampler.

Big Nutter
     Little Nutters
Build Me Up Icecream
Perio Torte
Red Velvet Cake
                                       Truffle Surprise Cakes                          
Date Me

Pistachio                        Red Velvet                Carrotcake


                                                                                    Heavenly Cups                                                                                                         
                                                                 Teramisu Mini Cups


Count Chocolat